Author Topic: Need helps on Floppy VSN  (Read 17375 times)


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Need helps on Floppy VSN
« on: April 29, 2005, 06:56:08 AM »
To all the experts in here I really need helps how to get the volume serial number from floppy disk and convert to display it in the dos screen using Nasm.  I'm a newbie in assembly language I just started to learn assembly in less than 3 weeks ago.  Complete simple codes to get and display VSN of floppy on the dos screen would be very appreciate.  Thanks

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Re: Need helps on Floppy VSN
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2005, 08:17:14 AM »
Hi bugbyte,

I *know* I've got code around to get/set VSN... my "C" drive has a serial number of "0BAD-F00D" (forgot to save the "right" number before I changed it!)... but I can't find that particular code at the moment.

At first, I read your question as "volume label", which can be found with a simple "findfirst" with the attribute set to 8. But that won't get you the serial number. I guess you use get/set diskinfo - int 21h/69h - to get that...

Here's something I found that may help...


org 100h
segment .data
    drmsg db ' Which Drive (a,b,c...)? $'
    vlmsg db " Volume Label: $"
    fsmsg db " File System Type: $"
    snmsg db ' Serial Number: $'
    crlf db 0Dh,0Ah,'$'
segment .bss
    diskinfobuf resb 19h
segment .text
    mov ah,9h
    mov dx,drmsg
    int 21h
    xor ax,ax
    int 16h
    sub al,'a'-1
    mov bl,al
    mov ah,9h
    mov dx,crlf
    int 21h

sub al,al           ; al=0 get, al=1 set serial # (and vl?)
    mov ah,69h         ; get disk info
    mov dx,diskinfobuf  ; ds:dx points to buffer to rec'v info
                        ; (ds should be all set in a COM file)
    xor bh,bh           ; bl=drive 0=default,1=A: ,etc.
                        ; bh="info level" ??? - 0 for dos
    int 21h
    jc exit
    mov ah,9h          ; spew "volume label"
    mov dx,vlmsg
    int 21h
    mov si,diskinfobuf+6  ; offset 6 into the buffer
    mov cx,11             ; 11 bytes of volume label
    int 29h
    loop showvl
    mov ah,9h          ; spew a carriage return
    mov dx,crlf
    int 21h
    mov dx,snmsg
    int 21h
    mov ax,[diskinfobuf+4]
    call word2hex
    mov al,'-'
    int 29h
    mov ax,[diskinfobuf+2]
    call word2hex

mov ah,9h
    mov dx,crlf
    int 21h
    mov dx,fsmsg        ; and "file system"
    int 21h
    mov si,diskinfobuf+011h  ; 17 bytes into buffer
    mov cx,8            ; 8 bytes of file system
    int 29h
    loop showfs
    mov ah,4Ch         ; later...
    int 21h

; From: (QSCGZ)
; word2hex - call with word in ax
; buffer in di,if you like - rets unterminated string!
; trashes ax,bx

    mov bx,ax
    shr ax,12
    call nyb2hex
    mov ax,bx
    shr ax,8
    call nyb2hex
    mov ax,bx
    shr ax,4
    call nyb2hex
    mov ax,bx
    and al,Fh
    cmp al,10
    sbb al,105
    int 29h
;    stosb   ; if buffered