Author Topic: ICC-v11.0 help - MOV(movslq, movss) Linux x64  (Read 12950 times)

Mukkaysh Srivastav

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ICC-v11.0 help - MOV(movslq, movss) Linux x64
« on: June 02, 2009, 01:18:45 AM »

I am using ICC-v11.0 and working on to write an Inline asm using Intel-syntax(NASM)on Linux x86_64.

Since, my section of code of C/C++ application is big, I can't share it here.

Can I have a test case where the ICC-v11.0 on Linux x86_64 generates a .S output file containing few MOV instructions like - movslq, movss, movsd, movntq in its .S file and then represent these set of MOV instructions as an Inline-asm in Intel-syntax(NASM) with proper format, compile again with ICC-v11.0 on Linux-x86_64 and see what messages one is getting. If sucessful, could you please share the test code and Inline Intel-syntax with me.

The equivalent of movq & movslq (GNU-style, GAS/AT&T) instruction in Intel-syntax(NASM) is mov & movsx resp., mov works fine but movsx generates an error messages when written and incorporated as Intel-syntax inline asm. I have followed the format of writing NASM syntax asm.