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I need subroutines only
« on: January 18, 2023, 08:46:13 AM »
Hello, When programming in Turbo Pascal/FreePascal I use a "unit" that contains various subroutines of my own. When compiling a program only those subroutines are compiled that are called. I think it is possible in MASM/TASM by creating a LIBrary but I prefer using NASM of course. So far I copied the needed routines into my programs but recently I found a bug and that meant I had to go through all sources to repair it. It would be handy to repair such a bug at one place only. Of course I did some RTFM and found some things that should do the same trick on page 98: the directive LIBRARY and RDF files. But so far I haven't found any example that could show me how to use them. Any example or an URL with examples and/or explanation would be very welcome. Thank you very much in advance! FMC 4ME
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