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[NASM] EBP offsets for AVX
« on: May 21, 2015, 09:35:35 PM »
Hey guys!

I have code for SSE, where the code computes matrix multiplication using Single-Preciscion Floats. I need the code for AVX, where I will work with Double-Precision floats. I know that general-purpose registers will have to "move" twice as much and so on.

Here is the SSE code:

   push dword ebp       
         mov dword ebp,esp

         sub esp,4            ;reserve for one variable 4B
         mov dword [ebp - 4],3           ;set the value of the variable

         mov eax,16
         mul dword [ebp + 24]

         push eax
         mul dword [ebp - 4]
         mov dword [ebp - 4],eax
         pop eax

        mov esi,[ebp + 12]      ;input vector pointer
         mov ecx,[ebp + 20]      ;length of the input vector
        mov edx,[ebp + 8]      ;matrix pointer

   .invec1:                             ;start of the loop1
        movups xmm0,[esi]
         mov edi,[ebp + 16]      ;output vector pointer
         mov ebx,[ebp + 24]      ;length of the output vector

                    .radmat1:               ;start of the loop2
                    movups xmm4,[edx]
          add edx,eax
          movups xmm5,[edx]
          add edx,eax
               movups xmm6,[edx]
          add edx,eax
          movups xmm7,[edx]

                    ;COMPUTATION CODE HERE, not important for the issue
                     add edi,16
                     sub edx,dword [ebp - 4]
           add edx,16

           dec ebx
           jnz .radmat1

         add esi,16
         add edx,dword [ebp - 4]
         dec ecx
   jnz .invec1

   mov dword esp,ebp
          pop dword ebp
ret 20

Well, I will probably have to change all the offsets of the matrix, input/output vector, their length. I tried some codes with doubled offsets of EBP but is still does not work.

Could you please help me? Thank you!