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Stack entry & register simulator tool
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:08:03 AM »
Hello, I have an idea for a NASM learning aid.

It would be a webpage or script or program of some sort (written in any language), where the user would perform the following steps:
  • The user also selects the desired architecture/ABI from a dropdown list:
    • X64_SYSTEMV
    • X64_MICROSOFTX64 (Sometimes called Windows "Native" calling convention)
    • X86_CDECL
    • X86_STDCALL
    • X86_FASTCALL
    • X86_THISCALL
  • Supply a desired function written in C, like:
Code: [Select]

    int myFunc(int a, int b, float c, float d)

And the tool will output some type of visualization or at least some description of which variables are in which registers, and what the stack will look like.

Such a tool would certainly help me.
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