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windows pure assembly language tool


this is a pre-release...

The link is broken :(

It is, isn't it?


Now... tell me why you want it. :)

I can see that this is a system to produce a PE using Nasm's "-f bin" mode. At a glance, I can't see what it "does". I'm not currently running Windows, so I can't "try it and see". Clue me in! (and perhaps we can make a better doc for it)

We've got an "example code" package in the download section, as well as this forum. There's one file in it - Dave Poirier's "multiboot" example. Honestly, I don't see that it's of interest to too many people (though invaluable to a few!). It gets downloaded quite a bit...

Are we "desperate" for example code? Is "valuable" enough to put it there? What do we "need" for examples?



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