Author Topic: 2 RFEs (1 simple, 1 less so)  (Read 10399 times)

Robert Roessler

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2 RFEs (1 simple, 1 less so)
« on: January 09, 2010, 08:21:11 PM »
I have recently been in the position of converting some gas source to Nasm, and 2 things that would make things easier are:

1) accept #line directives (treat them as %line?)

2) accept a command-line option that would specify a command to invoke a C preprocessor (e.g., "cl -E") ahead of any Nasm "native" preprocessing - or even instead of, if the -a is also specified

#1 would make life a bit easier when using a C preprocessor, while #2 would [practically speaking] give Nasm C preprocessing capability.  Some of the obvious benefits of the latter are "support" of C/C++ include files and C comments.