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Assembly plagiarism


Hi there,
I'm using 8086 assembly at the University and I would like to use a plagiarism detection system.
I checked that MOSS works with 8086 assembly. I have tested different 8086 assembly templates with no luck.
Anyone here using 8086 assembly plagiarism detection system?

Without setting up a database of every sample online, I don't see how you can detect plagiarism. I learned x86 by looking at sample code, reading manuals and datasheets, etc, and rewriting code with extensive commenting. Being a mathematician helped me learn a lot, and made writing new code rather easy.

Thanks replying ;-)
The idea is not to detect "global" plagiarism but "local" one. Softwares like moss compare each individual source code against a set of others ones. This is useful e.g., to detect plagiarism when teaching since copies come from classroom colleagues.
Moss should work but after a week testing different settings I was not able to make it work with x86 assembly (it worked fine with text and C files).

Anyone has try to use moss or other similar software with assembly?

Many years ago in computing history something (I think it was a ZIP/UNZIP utility) was shown to be copied by simply reading the comments :-)



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