Author Topic: learning NASM for Windows (64-bit), and for Msys2 (Mingw64)  (Read 5429 times)

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learning NASM for Windows (64-bit), and for Msys2 (Mingw64)
« on: March 06, 2020, 06:17:25 PM »

i have Windows 7 (64-bit) that is installed in my computer. unfortunately, i can not install, at present, Linux (in double boot mode), because i corrupted (broke) BIOS (software, and, may be, a black micro-chip either). this is why, i am limited in learning NASM asembler (language, and the compiler) for 64-bit Windows OS, only.

i installed NASM (Windows, 64-bit version) compiler, and GoLink linker from the official Internet-pages, respectively.

also, i installed Msys2 (Mingw64), where i installed (using "pacman" command) NASM (for Mingw64) compiler too.

i have some basic knowledge (and very little experience) of MASM/TASM (16-bit) that are run (used) in DOSBox emulator.

i have the questions:

1) are the official NASM (Windows 7, 64-bit version), and NASM-compiler of Msys2 (Mingw64, 64-bit version) different from each other, in terms of the command names (assembly linguistics, like, MASM, and NASM differ from each other) ?

2) what Internet-sites, tutorials, detailed manuals, and detailed books could you recommend to learn (to develop console-, and graphical-applications), for the beginner, the NASM assembler (language), and the NASM compiler (command line options) for the case of the NASM developed for 64-bit Windows (7/10) operating systems ?

3) what is the linker (and options ???) should be used to get an executable-file from object-file, produced as a result of nasm-compiler in Msys2 (Mingw64) environment ?
a) nasm -f win64 file1.asm
b) what kind of linker, and options should be used ?

Thank you.