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I have developed a bootLoader and can load/run assembled binarys in a single process setup where the applications take control. I hope to design a nice OS and was wondering if anyone has done this and if they have any links/info they could share. Thanks in advance  8)

Frank Kotler:
Hi Structure,

... unfortunately... my computer crashed about two years ago and I didn't have a recent backup...

If you search this forum for "Zulfi" you will find a few topics from "Zulfi Kahn". He started out with A Tasm bootloader I helped him convert to Nasm. I thought it sounded like "homework" and it was - he was the instructor. :) I worked it up into the rudimentary beginning of an "OS". Just a couple of commands.  I realized, somewhere along the line, that I didn't know where I was going. How was my OS going to be better than Linux? Even better than 'doze? I didn't know... and that's where I quit. The little I had probably wouldn't help you much but you might have been interested in looking at it. But an IDE drive won't even plug in to a modern computer so I'm pretty much "out of business". and news:alt.os.developement have info on this topic... They'll tell you to read, read read before you write a line of code...



--- Quote ---  I didn't know where I was going.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote --- that's where I quit.
--- End quote ---
We are not the same.

--- Quote --- before you write a line of code...
--- End quote ---
too late.

I never got beyond writing a FAT12 boot sector (it could load and pass control to a 16-bit binary in the root directory, with any amount of fragmentation) and a CPUID app that can detect anything from 808x up to the first 64-bit CPUs. Then my poor health got in the way. I hope to resume coding this year - health hasn't improved, but has stabilised. I did plan to write a simple 32-bit OS that can detect and initialise a wide range of hardware, and I hope to at least get that underway. Might write a DOS based IDE in nasm, and convert my windowing code to nasm as well (in MSVC 1.52, I wrote a windowing system for DOS that could load 1024 child windows and switch between them, I forget how much memory it needed, but it could work on a 386 at a usable speed).


--- Quote ---a FAT12 boot sector
--- End quote ---
I currently don't have a file system, it runs off disks.

--- Quote ---I wrote a windowing system for DOS
--- End quote ---
forget about DOS...

--- Quote ---windowing system
--- End quote ---
This is where i am at... I am currently experimenting with display modes.


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