Author Topic: problems with linking nasm objects with ld which doesn´t find ncirses  (Read 4021 times)

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Hello everyone,
hello Frank,

the problem is that I can not continue my actual work on the program modules, because the library for ncurses is not found for a reason that is incomprehensible to me. It looks like ld himself is issuing this message. On my Linux system, however, libraries and files are installed to ncurses, of course, this also applies to c, c ++ and gcc. I know that's a question that's not directly related to nasm's programming, but I hope you will not mind being put here. Does anyone have an idea why I receive the following message or in other words. Is it possible that ld misses a particular version? How can I find out and how can I give him the right path? Maybe that's a problem that concerns not only me, but that has a new reason that I do not yet know, but is known. (I didn´t program for years and the os today is leap 42.2 and years ago it still was 10.3 and later versions.) Please do not blame me for asking so generally, but at the moment I have no better idea.

ld -s -o ncalc ncalc.o bcdadd.o bcdsub.o bcdmul.o bcddiv.o bcdpowrad.o realpowrad.o bcdin.o bcdout.o realin.o realout.o realdelvks.o realdelnks.o error_handler.o mygetch. o -dynamic-left /lib/ -lncurses -lc -m elf_i386
ld: -lncurses kann nicht gefunden werden (translation: lncurses can not be found)

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Re: problems with linking nasm objects with ld which doesn´t find ncirses
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To get ncurses libraries for Windows, you need to install it with gcc, cygwin or MingW, as it is not included with Windows. I can't help beyond that though - I had to Google that reply.
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