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Can NASM get a debugger?


Can the NASM distribution get a assembly language debugger too?
Searching around led me to
Maybe the team can learn how ALD does it and build something of their own for NASM!

Frank Kotler:
Hi  mayureshkathe,

Welcome to the forum.

I am only guessing, but I would guess that Nasm will not soon be seeing a "netwide" debugger. While Patrick's ALD is great for Linux and the BSDs, it won't do much for our dos/doze users who have not yet made the step up. :)

Unless you'd like to contribute something...


You can just compile your NASM programs w/ the `-g` flag, then use a debugger of your choice. I'm sure you're familiar w/ GDB, so there's a place to start.


uncle Richard:
I've don't try, but it's maybe better place. And even the best for you, mayureshkathe.


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