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Hello, I started my AOWG windows graphics tutorial using NasmX among others compilers, 32 and 64 bits. Three chapters for now: Templates, Primitive Graphics, Palette.


Hello, I'm uploading the 4th chapter, for graphics files. At the moment only in the Spanish version, though I will upload soon the English one too.

Graphics files:
- BMP. 8 and 24 bits. Reading from files and resources
- TGA. 8 and 24 bits. Reading from files.
- PCX. 8 bits. Reading from file.
- PPM. 24 bits. Writing and reading from file. Using a little raytracing program for that.
- GIF. 8 bits. Writing to file. Using a little program to gerating it.

At the moment only for tinyc. I will make the rest when time permits.


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