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Hello everyone, new member!

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Holy smokes I stumbled on this site yesterday looking for a MASM alternative.

You guys are sick, this looks amazing.
From the manual:

So here, for your coding pleasure, is NASM.

No kidding haha, I look forward to playing with this. Many ideas in mind.
Thank you!

Frank Kotler:
Hi droid,
Welcome to the Forum!

Pretty picture. Does it have a caption?

Let me guess... looking for a Masm alternative... I'll bet you're on Windows. I don't have much experience with Windows, but I'll be interested to hear your ideas.


Hi Frank, thanks for your reply. The pic's caption would more or less go like "aahhhhh".

I've been coding with Visual Studio on and off for about ten years and I'm kind of tired with all the caveats and inconsistencies once you try to do a complex project, and especially the always increasing bloat of the VS SDKs and the subscription schemes. 

I'd like to try and make a lightweight IDE for my own programming language, and have it compile directly through NASM, without a C intermediary. Although I'm sure I'm not the first one mentioning something like this though  ;D

This is great stuff, thanks again.

Funny how the interwebs works droid haha. Pretty much the same thing happend to me :). You guys really have something special here!

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