Author Topic: Just some notes on NASM and potential development suggestions  (Read 5198 times)

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Just some notes on NASM and potential development suggestions
« on: December 08, 2016, 05:55:16 PM »
These are just some suggestions. You may want to write some Hardware emulation software that emulates both real and protected mode so that people can write their own Device drivers and operating systems without crashing or constantly rebooting the computer.

You could even emulate entire Operating systems like MAC,Windows, and linux, and show people how to develop NASM extensions and devices for those various operating systems.

I guess if you want to do it, just dig up all the information you can find on all laptops, desktops, and all of the computer hardware that exists and start writing assembly emulators for it all.

You can also have some fun and write device drivers for mac, windows, linux, bsd, haiku, dos etcetera.

You could even show people as much as how to link their own device to the kernel of all of these various operating systems and indeed how to relink the kernal to suit their custom devices.

You could even show people how to fix the bsd  bug Xorg no server found with EFI boot.

And indeed this would help people write custom Oses based on pre existing Oses or come up with their own completely custom Operating systems.

I guess the more NASM information and documentation there is, the more NASM users and developers can do.

And indeed the more examples you show people, the more people will be able to do with their computer, and the more tuning can be done of these devices.