Author Topic: Program to compil et link assembly programms in Windows  (Read 8273 times)

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Program to compil et link assembly programms in Windows
« on: November 21, 2016, 03:02:16 PM »
This program in NASM assembler facilitates the compilation and linking of assembler programs under WINDOWS for programmers who do not want to use sophisticated IDE. It uses the functions of the Windows API.
The compiler called in this program is nasm and the linker is Jeremy Gordon's golink.

Change the compiler directory to line 18 and linker to line 23.
Also change the .obj file from your own functions to line 25

Caution: The master procedure of each program must have the name Main and can be changed on line 30 (eg MainWnd)

Note: This program can compile 64-bit programs by replacing win32 by win64 on line 18.

Put the 2 files "" and LauncherCompil32.asm in the same directory and use:
«Nasm.exe -f win32 LaunchCompil32.asm»
«Golink LauncherCompil32.obj / nxcompat Kernel32.dll
      User32.dll Gdi32.dll Comctl32.dll Comdlg32.dll Shell32.dll »