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NASM & NASM-X language file for GtkSourceView-3.0


Bryant Keller:
The attached file is a rewrite of the GtkSourceView 3.0 (the syntax highlighting control used by Gedit) asm-intel.lang file that adds support for NASM & NASM-X.

To install on a Linux or BSD system, download the asm-intel.lang file in the attachments and enter the following command into your command line:

--- Code: ---sudo cp asm-intel.lang $(locate "3.0/language-spec" | grep -v "specs/")
--- End code ---

This will copy the file into the GtkSourceView 3.0 language-spec directory (it's in different places on different distro's).

If you're on windows, then you might look where ever Gedit was installed and search for the language-spec directory.. just make sure the file goes into the gtksourceview-3.0 directory instead of the 2.0 (I think gedit actually supports both file types and this is for 3.0).

Bryant Keller:
Here is the same file in .zip format for the windows users...

This required a follow-up post because of the upload size limitations per post.  ;D


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