Author Topic: (Windows) Fork nasm-2.11.08  (Read 9132 times)

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(Windows) Fork nasm-2.11.08
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:38:38 PM »
Hello people,

I have succeeded to compile nasm on windows with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 ( & Intel Compiler (
(work with MS compiler too no worry, need just go to proprieties of project, then change value of Platform Toolset to Visual Studio 2013).

Enjoy it !

PS: You can also build future nasm through my tutorial (if they don't bring too much modification, but I will try to update my tutorial for each new version of nasm if I have time :p):

Advantage of this fork:
-Compile nasm with your higher specification CPU (AVX/AV2) and by this way, nasm run theoretical more faster than original nasm executable given by author site:
-For example, my fork is nasm x64 and build with AVX instructions.
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