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Missing %define's from Win api


Before I go off writing my own additions to, am I just missing definitions somewhere?

Decided get back into assembly, and one of the first winapi's I'm using was VitualAlloc and I did a file contents search, but none of the files seem to define MEM_COMMIT or MEM_RESERVE. Is just incomplete or what happened to these? I'm so confused... :D

Rob Neff:
Hi, Laocoon.
Yes, and many other includes are not complete.  Simply put, no one, including myself, has the time or drive to bring them all up to date.  Subsequently, if you find any missing defines or structs, you should add your own additions.  If you send a patch of things that are missing we can get them into the package for future use.

I see. I thought this was a conversion off of masm's file. hah! Well it's an easy enough fix for me as I come across them, I just thought I got a bad package or something. Thank you for clearing this up!

The same thing happened to me as it did to Lacoonte when I joined this post. Thank you for clarifying it as well as I said.


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