Author Topic: The first programming language ?  (Read 9509 times)

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The first programming language ?
« on: April 19, 2013, 09:50:08 AM »
Hi, I'm ahmed. :)
i need to know what is the first programming language ? is ASM or Ada or what ?  ;D
second . for writing a simple doss what do i need to learn ?  :o

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Re: The first programming language ?
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2013, 05:46:07 PM »
Heey ahmed,
I know its a old topic but its always fun to see someone else their 'path'.
When I was 11-12 I was a skid using vbs and batch, mostly just mangling functions etc. A year later a friend showed me VB.NET, at first I understand anything of it (and again now its hard to look back at that syntax..!) And created irritating programs etc, nothing too fancy still a skid.. Then I moved on to C#, again never learned anything from the language I was 14 or something, but I could write some decent programs. A year later my knowledge/insight grew I wanted to learn C++ because it was native and such, so I read C++ for dummies. Learned totally nothing from that book, didn't like it so step back to C# with a different approach. I learned the language, even the subjects I knew still most was new. At this point I considered myself no longer as a skid I was 15 then. Then I thought take it easy learn C, so I basically did that (read The C Programming Language 2nd edition). And it really learned me allot from it. Then I programmed in C# again and tried another attempt at C++ (read Jumping into C++) and I learned allot. Then again some C#, and couple days ago I decided I want to know how to program in assembly. So I pcasm book, and it suited me I already knew what registers were how the stack worked. (Well from an abstract view, because programming in asm I learned a few things about them :) I guess my biggest lack now is the calling conventions and the instruction set.)
So in short: vbs/batch > VB.NET > C# > C > C++ > 80386 ASM*

* Do I say it right?

I said I returned to C# often, but I keep switching between C/C++ (I don't use classes often, the STL well btw) and C#.
So this is my programming language story of an 16 year rookie. Many years to come, many things to learn. I'm looking forward! :)

I totaly misunderstood this question haha, the first language was raw binary and out of there ASM was created (at least I believe so?)
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Re: The first programming language ?
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2013, 06:31:25 PM »
I thought he meant which is the first language in the alphabet, Ada or asm. Depends on your collating sequence and code page ;D