Author Topic: OS 16Bits Load Programss Issue (4bh & 4ach) Help!  (Read 15014 times)

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Re: OS 16Bits Load Programss Issue (4bh & 4ach) Help!
« Reply #15 on: January 06, 2013, 10:28:50 PM »
I apologize for jumping in here with "random thoughts" but this just crossed my mind. In your "resize memory block" routine - at label "tam1:" if you haven't moved it - what's in bx? I see that it's "bytes to keep", you add 15 to "round up" and shift right to convert to paragraphs to keep, but I haven't tracked down where it "comes from" (yet). If that were off, it might explain your problem (if it still exists). What I would try is to "keep" a full 1000h paragraphs. That should save an entire 64k for "pixel.exe" (actually a .com file - the name doesn't matter) and still give you plenty of memory above it for the "load and execute" int 21/4Bh. Just a thought.

I may have to try again to get DosBox installed - doesn't seem to work well for me in FreeDos...