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« on: June 22, 2011, 09:00:04 AM »
There was a guy who said he worked on Sparc for years and is now learning x86. He left!

Does anybody have good resources for learning assembly on Sparc? There is not much doc I could find on the net and the assemblers from Sun and gcc both use the horrible ATT syntax. How many pizzas and how many cases (kegs) of beer would we have to buy Keith and Frank to get them to write an assembler for Sparc :D NASM is written in C, right? So theoretically they could hammer it until the Sparcs fly  ;)

I am collecting stuff from the net, a few generic books on RISC and I have the Paul book on Sparc but I read many reviews saying the book is unusable because it relies so much on M4 that you can't understand the code itself. I have the Sun Sparc assembly reference but it is a reference, not a learning book. I have the Sparc ISA doc but I have not found a clear indication of exactly what Sun implemented and what they didn't and there are enough implementation specific details to be important and confusing (how many register windows does it have?) so it's not 100% reliable. I guess if I learn it it will be the hard way but I can't believe there are no good learning resources. A little help? Thanks.
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