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Assembler for beos
« on: June 25, 2005, 06:51:28 PM »

I want to program programs in assembler. I use the platform BeOS/Zeta,
and the compiler nasm/ld.

How do you use nasm and ld is explained in the compressed file:

You find it on page --> link tutorials.

But I don't know how do you write a programm in assembler on the plattform Zeta/BeOS.

The only what I know is 80H replaces the dos-interrupt 21H.

I need a kind of compendium or a kind of short-introduction with basics of assembler and the "basic scaffolding" of the source code. Like in c++
int main()

or in TP
program programename


Thanks for answers!!!

Germany 06.18.2005


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Re: Assembler for beos
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I hope my english is god enough to explain my problems.
Germany thuringia.

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