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Title: warning: word data exceeds bounds
Post by: RuudB on March 30, 2019, 08:58:58 AM

I found a thread with the same title in 2012 but that one was never answered. I hope someone can help me now :)

I have built a BIOS that starts at F000:C000 and it runs fine. I wanted to implement IBM's original BASIC ROM so I split the source in two: the first half starts at 4000h, the second half remained at 0E000h. FYI: the BASIC ROM goes from 6000h till 0DFFFh. The original file assembled without any error or warning messages. The new file shows a lot of the warning mentioned in the subject. The ones I have checked all concern jumps from the lower half to the upper half of the BIOS. In this case jumps from various subroutines of the floppy interrupt routine to the part that ends the interrupt routine.

Why do I mention this? The BIOS works fine and the floppy interrupt routine works fine as well. But I would like to know what causes the warning. I checked the manual but that wasn't any help at all unfortunately.

Many thanks for any input!