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Title: Some small examples I wrote as a tests for FreshLib.
Post by: johnfound on August 31, 2016, 05:19:37 PM
Here is attached an archive with the compiled binaries of some test programs I wrote in order to test different features of my FreshLib library. The source files are in the Fresh IDE source repository ( - the branch FreshLibDev.

The GUI part of the library uses OOP design, which syntax IMO matches the assemly language style of programming.

More about the OOP syntax can be read at FreshLib OOP ( article. Because of the very close syntax, I am sure these ideas can be easily used in NASM programming and with some changes in the macros, the whole library can be ported to NASM as well.

The demos in the attached file are compiled (from the same source) for Windows and Linux, so run them on your preferred OS.