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Title: Win Mines
Post by: avcaballero on November 21, 2014, 12:47:13 PM
Hello. There are a few things more to do, but this is already a playable version.

* Button face is a double icon button and indicates the state of the game/gamer:
  - Glad face. Everything is ok.
  - Fear face. When you click down on a button it appears: the mines seeker state.
  - Dead face. It appears when you click up on a button mine: game is over and you loose.
  - Glass face. When you have completed the game: you win.
  Every time you click on the button face, the game is reseted. Nothing really happens until

you click up on any button.
* When you click on a blank cell, all of its neighbours blank cells are revealed, and also all the cells with info in the border. It is a recursive algorithm similar to the paint regions one that I discussed some years ago here (

* There're two accelerator keys:
  - F2. Restart the game at any time it would be pressed.
  - Esc. Quit the game.
You have to find all the mines on a square table of cells. For that, many cells info you on how many cells round it has a mine. Blank cells are irrelevant. Of course, if you click on a cell with a mine inside, you lose.

When you win or lose, you won't be able to keep on playing until you reset the game clicking on the glass face button or pressing the F2 key.

Things to point up in this version:
* I added a banner in the "about" box to give it a bit of colour.
* Now cells are initialized with a dark grey shadow. When a cell is revealed, it became flat and with a clearer colour.

Title: Re: Win Mines
Post by: encryptor256 on November 21, 2014, 05:05:39 PM
Well done avcaballero!
I enjoyed gameplay.
Title: Re: Win Mines
Post by: avcaballero on December 15, 2014, 08:49:47 AM
Thank you encryptor.

Things to point up in this version:
* You can change succesfully the game level.
* There are two operative counters.
* The first cell you click on won't ever be a mine, and set the time counter on.
* The player who achieve the best time resolution level will be informed. Reseated in each session.
* You can select "Sound on" or "Sound off", but there's no sound for the moment.

Things to improve:
* I wanted to do a feedback effect in the about box, not a simple bur.
* Buttons show icons. We can show text instead and maybe we can gain some kb.
* Adding a link to my page to the about box.
* Play a wav explosion when a mine is clicked.