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Title: C Preprocessor & NASM
Post by: Bryant Keller on August 10, 2011, 02:48:13 AM
I don't normally self-promote, but the ASM Community recently gave the staff blog hosting and I decided my first NASM related post might clear some things up for users who have made a (what I find odd) request...

Here is the post:;sa=topic;id=4

Also, I don't really think attempting to getting NASM/C header support is such a good idea. Possibly what is needed is a C header update which makes better use of the __ASSEMBLER__ directive. Maybe even one which uses makes NASM & C structures defined in the same header set. :)

Right now I'm only vaguely interested in this, as it's been requested in  the past and a few of the guys I talk to in IRC have been harping on it. If I get time or interest, I might at least port libc headers to include structure definitions and use __ASSEMBLER__ to comment out the C specific stuff.. but that would definitely go on my todo list for a much later time. :P

Best Regards,
Bryant Keller